Staff Pagers in the Health and Safety Conscious Environment


Our 4 line alpha Staff Pager solutions are well suited for use in Health and Safety conscious environments. From simple stand alone 'beeper' style systems right through stand alone Text based systems and on to Fully Networked Text paging Systems you can be sure that our systems will cut it when it matters.

The text pager can show any message that you want it too with it being 200 characters long the messages can be completely personalised to suit your area of business.

As a manufacturer we have extensive experience within our industry since 1993 and hold many patents on ground breaking technologies well suited to helping in areas of Health and Safety in the UK - communications is a major key element which should not be simply dismissed.

The 4 line alpha works with the Butler XP, when the butler call button is pressed it instantly sends a page to the 4 line alpha that informs staff to instantly make there way to the destination shown. Once a member of staff has dealt with the problem the new swipe technology allows them to swipe the pager over the butler which will cancel the page so other members of staff know it has been dealt with.

The text pagers are the perfect solution for first aid staff members they can easily be clipped at the waist with adjustable vibe and bleep modes.

This pager will speed up your first aiders response times potentially save someone's life. The 4line pagers are the most reliable systems on the market. Make sure your staff are immediately assisted if anything goes wrong while working with machines or heavy lifting.

Find out more about the complete system Inc. the butler XP here. Ensure that your staff can call first aiders from any point in the building with the butler xp.

Our Text Pagers have the following Specifications and Features:

Adjustable contrast and vibration levels
Field programmable
Pager memory cleared when reset
Low battery detection
Multiple vibe & tone alerts
Backlight display
Slightly textured surface reduces dropping
Built-in Out-of-Range indicator
FCC & CE Approved
RoHS Compliant

Please contact us today to find out more about the 4 line alphanumeric first aid emergency pagers by calling us on 01782 537000 or fill in our online contact form so a member of our team can contact you within the next 24/hr.

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