Workers at Risk - Onsite Paging

We own a number of patents for our systems and Risk Worker Alert Paging Equipment is no exception. Because we are a MANUFACTURER our equipment is cost effective and available only from us. We offer a number of products for Risk Workers, General Staff or for a 'Push for Help' System - all based around Health and Safety requirements in the UK. Our products are robust, commercial quality and operate on battery, thus making all of our systems fully portable. All systems on this site benefit from a 14 day trial and a 3 year warranty against manufacturers defects. All products are supplied completely programmed to your specific requirements and are ready to work on delivery.


4 Line H&S Staff

The Risk Workers solution works by giving Risk Employees a Butler XP (which is completely waterproof) for a particular area of the Business (area 1 or Basement or Fork Lift in zone 3 etc). The H&S staff responsible for attending H&S accidents etc have a pager each (which can be set up in groups if necessary). If the Risk Worker gets in to trouble, he will press the assistance button and the H&S staff will attend to him.

Clean and Durable and Robust design
Can be reprogrammed on site
Swipe technology with the works with the Butler XP
Supports up to five groups
200 Character text page
Cradle Included
4 Line pager 'remembers' the last 100 messages
4 Line Alpha Pager works from 1 x AAA battery for up to 6 months when used correctly


The Butler XP

Capable of repeating the call for up to 4 times with a variable time period set inside the Butler XP - this is cancelled when H&S arrive with the Risk Worker and use their pager on the Butler XP to cancel the emergency call.

Advantages of these products include:

Butler XP is fully programmable to send specific messages for the H&S team
Butler XP will repeat the emergency call for up to 4 times
H&S employees cancel the call with their pager
Butler XP sends out a 'Emergency Handled' message when the repeat page is cleared by H&S Staff
Butler XP will send a page to H&S (or maintenance) when batteries need changing (Batteries last Typically 6 to 12 Months)
Low cost solution requiring minimal maintenance
Fully programmable by customer with purchase of special software
Supports up to 10 groups and up to 999 Pagers

For any information about our Risk Workers pagers then please contact us on 01782 537000 or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch within the next 24 hours