Butler XP - Push for Help

Our push for help first aid call buttons are extremely useful in the support of Health and Safety in the UK at work. However, our Push for Service is very customisable - so that we can set these systems up to exactly your requirements for Health & Safety support in the UK work environment. Below is just a couple of our products which you may like more information of.

Staff can instantly call for help regardless of where they are in the building, With the butler XP staff are able to make there way to that point and with the new swipe technology the staff with an 4 line alpha at the scene of the incident can swipe there pager over the Butler XP that will cancel the page to other members of staff informing them it has been dealt with.


Emergency push button Paging - Butler XP

Pushbutton paging with the Butler XP will increase customer service levels and improve staff responsiveness. The simple pushbutton transmitter is easy to use and may be attached to almost any surface. Each Butler XP unit can be customized with specific messages and alert staff or fellow employees with one touch of a button.

Place the Butler XP where you wish to enable anyone to contact your staff with the push of a button.

Product Features:

UHF Frequency
Wireless - no wiring involved
Up to 1/4 mile range
Quality - it's durable and user friendly
Scalable - add units to the system at any time
Battery Operated - 3 AAA batteries
1 user configurable trigger (can be used to monitor doors and many other devices)
Compact - 1.5"w x 7"h x .875"
Can re-page continuously until cancelled
Can send out a message saying the alert has been handled by H&S
FULLY Customisable in a number of ways.
Up to 999 pagers supported and 10 groups

1 or 2 Button Health & Safety Alert System

Product Benefits:

Improve response time dramatically
Enhance Health & Safety provisioning
Virtually Instant Alerts
Messaging is detailed and fully customizable
Easy to install and use
Allows text communication

These are just TWO of the many Staff Paging Systems we have available and this website is simply an introduction to our products - fill out the Online Enquiry form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and we will call you presently.

Please contact us today to find out more features and benefits of the Butler XP first aid paging call button.

All products are available on a 14 day Trial Period and benefit from our 3 year manufacturers warranty.