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Call Buttons for Manufacturing

First Aid Instant Call Buttons

Health and Safety is one of the most important areas to manage properly in business today and is also one of the most difficult areas to manage properly.

Long Range Systems UK now offers some unique and cost effective solutions to help business solve some of the most critical problems associated with employees and H&S - especially in hazardous areas of your Business. Check out our solutions below and please do contact us for a consultation and Trial.

Butler XP H&S Call Buttons

Injured Staff or Customers can call for first aid immediately


First Aid

Push Text Paging Systems

Our First Aid call buttons are the perfect solution for manufacturing and warehouses.

When it matters, you need a solution for Employees working in hazardous areas - meet the Butler XP - a unique device which is waterproof and has a repeat Page Facility so you are assured that the call from the Employee Alert gets answered - and you even know when it's been cleared.

Everywhere Staff need communication - especially where Health and Safety is concerned - and our Paging systems will unquestionably increase safety. The cost is minimal to the Health and Safety benefits of this equipment

A good system will alert you of problems on the site - a great system will absolutely save lives - check out our push for help systems

We offer systems that are reliable enough for first aid!